A Question Asking God

Do you love God for His presence or for His presents? In the story of Job, Satan contends that no one serves God except for selfish reasons. However, God disagrees and asks the question “Hast thou considered my servant Job?”  In this message, Dr. E. Dewey Smith teaches us three interesting points about God's conversation with Satan and his relationship with Job.

For one, God reminds Satan that he needs permission, thus God “permits” Satan to to kill Job’s children, rob his wealth and afflict his body with sickness. When you listen to this message and see how Dr. Smith breaks down what we learn from this and the other 2 reasons God asked that question, you will rejoice!

Can we be like Job? Through all of his suffering and pain Job never complains. What questions do you have for God when you are under attack?  Remember, questioning God is not a sin, as long as we don’t question his existence. Today’s message is a good start to get the answers to your questions.

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Job 1:6-8


Type: Sermon

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