A One Thing Agenda

When you think of Christmas, what image or sound initially comes to mind? Is it snow, presents, or a jingling bell?  While many of us have accepted and celebrate Christmas as being associated with Jesus’ birth, could it be that our “natural disconnection” from the true meaning of this glorious occasion is buried underneath all of our more tangible desires?

In the soul stirring  sermon based on Mathew 2:1, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. tactfully illustrates the agenda of a few wise men, while exposing the plan of pagan ideology to show us the way back to a sacred place we left behind some time ago.

Listen to this message and discover how this location is more than just a traditional nativity scene.  It’s a an unrestricted space where star-gazers and dreamers  come with the audience of One in mind.

#LiveBetter #Worship #OneThingThatIDesire


Type: Sermon

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