A Love That Won’t Walk Away

Have you done things in your life that you fear God won’t forgive you for? Do you feel barren due to the mounting pressures of your sin(s)? In this encouraging sermon,
Dr. Smith reminds you that God’s love will never leave you and He is married to the backslider. When things go awry in your life, instead in sulking in “whoa is me,” learn a new song. God’s covenant commitment of Peace will sustain you when the storms of life are raging. You will go through your struggle only for a small moment. God lets you go through a season of agony and rejection, but will restore you with His Mercies.

 Listen to this healing sermon and learn the 3-steps of how to know God’s Love Won’t Walk Away from you and the provisions He guarantees. Since The Redeemer bought you, He will wake you up to a new commitment, releasing you from the captivity of sin and bring you out of your mess.

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Isaiah 54: 4-10


Type: Sermon

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