A Jesus Celebration

Are you celebrating Jesus, in good or challenging times? In this rousing sermon, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. teaches us to give God thanks for sustaining you through it all. We must remember all things happen for a reason.

 In the first ten chapters of the gospel of John celebration was paramount: the Canaan wedding; Samaritan woman at the well; lame man healed; multitude fed with two fish and five loaves of bread; woman caught in adultery; and the blind man healed.

However, in John 11:38-41, the death of Lazarus teaches us how to celebrate Jesus by realizing, remembering and recognizing that God can bring good from your worst circumstances. Your pain has a purpose, to show others, so that God get’s the glory.

As you listen to this sermon, Celebrate Jesus by disallowing life challenges to extinguish a celebratory spirit. In all things give thanks for the good that He has promised to bring forth in your life and celebrate every day!



John 11:38-41 


Type: Sermon

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