When The Storm Comes

Interpretation of text is not a modern day problem.  Many people have their own interpretation of what the Bible means, but when you truly study the text, it tells you everything you need to know.  Every comma, hyphen, period, and quotation mark is there for a reason.  They are meant for a pause, an explanation, and sometimes even an end.  God has created each of us with a unique plan, purpose, and perspective. The irrefutable fact which we must understand is that no matter the path that God has predestined for us we will all face a storm. It is during these times that we are able to see God’s strength. If our faith is built on God’s plan and purpose, we can weather any storm.  In this inspiring message from our 138th Church Anniversary Guest Speaker, Dr. Frank E. Ray helps us understand how during these times we must remember the miraculous works that the building of a strong foundation can do not only for you, but to your outlook on weathering the storms of life with a footing in the Lord!

Matthew‬ ‭7‬:‭24-27‬

Type: Sermon

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