Charlottesville, America & You & Me


Tiki torches, confederate statues, a college campus, a flaccid response by a complicit President, a well and the unrelenting scourge of racism are the unmistakeable characters in Dr. E. Dewey Smith searing, insightful and inspiring sermon entitled "Charlottesville, America & You and Me". Dr. Smith masterfully juxtaposes Jesus' encounter with the woman at the well to the recent events in Virginia. Discover how Jesus models the steps and disposition needed to fight, heal and ultimately, overcome the persistent effects of entrenched racism. If you're angry, confused, sadden or simply in numb disbelief about the domestic terror of racism still persist in our time, this sermon will tear away at the wound and provide you with the balm needed to strengthen and empower you to do your part in the healing of racism. Order today for yourself and others.

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Scripture: John 4:4-10


Type: Sermon

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