What’s In a Name?

By Amanda Usher


“The name of the Lord is a strong fortress; the godly run to Him and are safe.”

Proverbs 18:10 (NLT)

While three letters don’t mean anything separately, together they can signify the greatness of a King. As one entity, they can be an example of love and power. These letters can unite themselves to unify an entire congregation of believers.

When you speak of God’s name, you speak of protection, grace and courage from an unapologetic Savior. You act as a witness to not only His shielding and sheltering from harm, but also to His blessings and His commitment to making His promises happen for His children. You tell of His bravery against those that ridiculed Him and of His courage to shed blood for all.

When you hear of God’s name, you hear trust, honesty and an unconditional love. Disappointment will not be found anywhere near His name, and words of hate shall never be in the same sentence as the name of God. He tells no lies and will never abandon His children.

God’s name will strengthen you as He embodies no weaknesses. His name is full of faith and favor. Within Him, you will discover your true identity, your solution to every single problem and your will to endure and defeat every battle.

He’s mighty. He’s glorious. He’s God, and His name is all that you need.

What characteristics or traits do you think of when you hear God’s name?

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