What Are You Preparing Me For?

By Amanda Usher


Sometimes people can go through a situation and not know the reason why. They can endure heartbreak and pain and not realize that their struggle has a purpose. There's a little light somewhere in your darkness. God doesn't always reveal the significance of your battles, at least not right away.

His desire is for you to exude patience. Going through a difficult time can make you weary, but don't rush God in making it end. You never know what He has waiting for you when it's over. It could be that you're not ready for the blessing yet. It may be that God is taking time to give it to you to mold you and get you ready to receive it.

Trust Him. He knows what He is doing, and He has His hand on you at all times. Sometimes your battles or blessings aren't meant for you to comprehend at that very second. You may have to struggle for a while before God unveils His plan to you. Know that His plans never fail and that He will brighten your life. Having great faith will demonstrate that you trust Him to do whatever is needed. 

Blessings can be like an amazing plate of food at your favorite restaurant. They take time to prepare. It could be that God is taking you to a place that you couldn't even imagine you would go to. There's a reason for everything. If you didn't get the promotion that you wanted, there's a reason. If you're 40-years-old and never been married, there's a reason. You could still be in the preparation stage. Your shortcomings are short-term. You may not know what God is preparing you for, but He does. That's all that matters. Just wait and trust. 

Do you feel like you may be in the preparation stage of your life? What do you think He's doing to prepare you for your blessing?