I'm Broken, Not Shattered

By Amanda Usher


In the midst of your struggle, there comes a moment when you have to make a decision. Now, this choice is extremely complex and demands much thought. It's not something that you can ponder on for two seconds, and it is not one that you can make alone. This decision will determine your strength and endurance. This decision will expose your internal traits. In the middle of your battle, you will find yourself in front of two doors. The names of these doors are "Broken" and "Shattered." You can only walk through one.

The door labeled "Broken" leads to options. It leads to faith. It leads to belief. It leads to trust. It leads to peace. Being broken means that you're temporarily out of order but not permanently unfixable. It means that though there may be a crack in your heart, it can still be put back together. You can still see the light, no matter how far it may look. 

"Shattered" leads to depression. It leads to weight loss or weight gain. It leads to confusion. You're lost when you're shattered. You're in a dark place because you feel as if you have thirty different slices going through your heart. No one knows your pain, or so you think. You're fragile and vulnerable to tragedies. You are the perfect prey for turmoil because your guard is down.

Being broken means that you can see God walking with you through your troubles. You know that what is broken today can be fixed tomorrow. Those who are broken can cry out with tears of pain but still get on their knees and yell out, "Thank You, Jesus!" They do this because they know that their situation can always be worse while shattered people think they're already at the worst. The shattered people don't realize that God can carry their heaviest burden and still have room to receive more.  

They can't comprehend why it is that He still loves them in spite of their worst mistake. Broken people believe in mercy. They understand that they can't beat themselves up for too long and not leave a  scar. Even if they do, they know that their scars are just testimonies, stories of survival.  See, shattered people can't fathom that idea because they don't believe that they will survive. 

That's what you call having no faith in God. That's the act of not allowing Him to be your backbone. If you don't think you'll survive, you won't fight. He molded you to be strong. He put in you the ability to look your problem in the eye. He wants you to come out swinging and to knock it down. That won't happen if you don't even put up your fists and instead wallow in your misery.

Trust. Believe. Have faith. FIGHT.

Which are you? Are you Team Broken or Team Shattered? 


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