Love. Peace. Justice.

By Amanda Usher


In the wake of recent events here in the U.S., businesses have been burned down, people have been let down and violence has come down. The system has been questioned in the most drastic way, and an entire race feels unsafe and unprotected by those sworn to protect them. Several citizens of the nation feel as if justice has not been served, and as if they should walk in fear. There are two words to respond to those people: But God!

Yes. Lives have been lost, BUT GOD…

Yes. A national separation has been created, BUT GOD…

Yes. There are no indictments, BUT GOD…

This is His world. Plain and simple. He knew what was about to happen to this country long before it did, and He knows what will happen and what needs to happen. He sees the issue and accepts the task of handling it. No judge or attorney on earth can punish the way that God can. As troubling and disheartening as the matter is, America must remember that He’s watching. Justice may not be served today, but He will make sure that it’s served tomorrow.

Violence strengthens the situation, not diminish it. Burning down buildings or vandalizing them means taking money out of the pockets of innocent people. Blaming an entire group of people for a select few is unfair to those who do things the right way. Anger and frustration will control your life if you let it. There are certain things that aren’t right in this nation that violence won’t fix.

In the end, we all will be indicted and put on trial for our sins. God will stand before us and judge us as we plead our cases. Those same people that you want behind bars on earth will one day face the Creator at the Gates. Don’t you think that’s justice within itself? To have someone who committed a tragic act have to defend it before God?

Peace shall find this nation one day. Love shall overshadow all. God shall be trusted to take care of the situation. Faith in Him shall be had by His people. Justice shall be served.

#BlackLivesMatter #WhiteLivesMatter #WeAllMatter

How is your trust in God getting you through either recent events in the country or through your own personal tragedies?


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