You vs. You

By Amanda Usher


You may be your own enemy.  

Every single decision that we make impacts us in either a positive or negative way. It's the negativity that weighs us down and causes us to mentally or emotionally torment ourselves. Aside from that, we create our own reality separate from what is fact and realistic.  Simply put: sometimes we find ourselves living in our mind and existing on earth. 

Too often, people allow bad choices they've made to swallow them. Their minds are filled with thoughts of "Why did I do that?" or "Why didn't I do that?" The consequences resulting from poor decision-making can be life altering, and they own the ability to cause regret to linger in a person. 

Mistakes will be made in your life because you are an imperfect human. You won't always make great choices, but it's during these moments that growth and strength are created. Ask God to forgive you for your mistake, and know that you have to forgive yourself as well. You're not doing your heart any justice by remaining in the past. Remember your actions so that you cannot repeat them but set your emotions and your thoughts free of any regret or hurt. In other words, let go. 

Not only can your past hold your mind captive, but YOU can, too. Sometimes it's easier to not deal with our life's reality by creating our own in our minds. We go through the motions by being present in our existing life while simultaneously building the life that we want in our thoughts, i.e. constantly daydreaming about the future. What's not realized is that the two "realities" battle one another because what's in your mind is false and not tangible, and is merely your imagination. This will fuel frustration in you and can cause depression.  

Get out of your mind. See the world around you. View the opportunities that have been, can be and will be put before you. Take advantage of the life that God has given you, not the one that you've mentally given yourself. It could very well be better than your true reality if you're going through trouble after trouble in your real existence. But it's your battles that give you life! They offer you strength, courage, knowledge, wisdom and will draw you closer to God.  Trust in Him that He will make your life as comfortable as you need it to be at that moment. That speed bump that you're attempting to mentally run away from just may be a stepping-stone to a glorious blessing. Don't miss out on it because you're trying to create something better on your own because something better has already been created for you by God, and His creation is a lot better than yours. Live in THE world, not YOUR world. 

At what point in your life did you find that it was difficult to forgive yourself for a mistake? How did you finally defeat regret? 

How did you learn to not allow your thoughts to control your life? What prompted you to live in the world and not just exist in it?