The Art of Volunteer Work

By Amanda Usher


The world plays home to many causes and various needs. Volunteering in organizations and at businesses targeting these factors is a positive aspect in improvement, growth and change. It's about passion, service and results. 

Volunteer and make an impact. Many, many nonprofit organizations promote awareness, reform and equality while there are some that just simply uplift the community by offering assistance where needed, i. e. homeless shelters. You can be a part of an awesome experience by providing your time and efforts. You'll never truly know how much you could affect a person or a cause until you give a few moments out of your day.

Find the right cause. Be passionate and knowledgeable about what you choose to serve. For instance, having all the facts about the need to diminish poverty or hunger will drive you to want to do more if those are causes that fuel your fire. Helping someone can help you be fulfilled and bring joy into your life. 

If you would like to begin your service in church, the House of Hope Atlanta (HOHA) has several ministries that would love to welcome you. Embark on a journey to please God through volunteering in one or more. You could be an usher or hospitality member, help with the nursery or be of some assistance to Tabitha's House, a ministry focusing on sex trafficking. If you love working with youth, then the Blueprint Youth Ministry has an open door for you. 

You can also go out into the community and find places that you would be an asset to. You could build homes with Habitat for Humanity, feed those without food with Hosea Feed the Hungry or be a part of any of Atlanta's many nonprofits. 

Volunteer work unifies a community and provides accomplishment. It's a selfless act in an otherwise selfish world. Be involved. 

How much of your free time do you actually spend assisting someone? What do you do in your community that brings change and makes a difference? 

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