Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

By Darien Dabney


Earlier this year, I realized I could do a better job making time for God and actively studying the Bible. I had taken God for granted at many stages in my life. I grew up in the church. I connected with other churches when I moved away from home—and yet I felt empty and disconnected from the Savior. Why is it that we are willing to give everything else our time and effort so easily? I was always asking God for answers and direction in my life yet I had hardly slowed down to listen or adhere to His will! We can oftentimes avoid a lot of heartache and strife if we stand still and know that He is God because relationship requires effort on our part.

Dr. Peter Scazzero, author of “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” and “The Daily Office” says, “The Spirit intends to investigate our whole life history, layer by layer, throwing out the junk and preserving the values that were appropriate to each stage of our human development. As we progress toward the center where God is actually waiting for us, we are naturally going to feel that we are getting worse. This warns us that the spiritual journey is not a success story or a career move. It is rather a series of humiliations of the false self.”   As a result, this can sometimes serve as an uncomfortable wake up call.

Friends, God has been refining me and throwing out the junk over the last several months. As I get deeper in the Word and closer to where God is, I have experienced relief, embarrassment, shame, anxiety, fear, excitement and a whole assortment of emotions. However, I have peace because I know God is working in me as only He can.

Our Kingdom purpose may not be what we imagine it to be and it will most likely exceed our understanding. When God has given us gifts, we should not wonder or worry about their application— for it will be revealed in due time. Consider the life of Mrs. Armide Washington Price. Mrs. Price is a nurse who served on the House of Hope Medical Ministry for many years. In August 2014, God used Mrs. Price to help save the life of a man who had a heart attack in the sanctuary during Sunday morning worship service.   The man eventually recovered and this “Miracle at the House of Hope” was a time of rejoicing and testimony in Atlanta and around the nation as the word spread. Some people found Christ because of this event and others had their faith renewed. In November of this same year, Mrs. Price departed this earthly life.   Today, we celebrate the life of Mrs. Price and we know that in His time, God has a special plan for us all.

In what ways has God dug into the bedrock of your emotional life and “thrown out the junk” so that He can use you?


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