Internally Bleeding

By Amanda Usher 
We spend much energy and time fighting others, but what if we're having an internal battle? We hear often, "I'm smiling on the outside, but am in pain on the inside." We don't show our emotion externally, but internally feel hurt, angry, confused or depressed. We're bleeding internally and the only doctor who can heal us is God.                                                                                                                  
Masking pain builds tears. Smiling does not make your troubles vanish. While at times it's okay to smile through them, at some point you have to actually face them. Do not confront them alone. Let God be your healer by opening up to Him about your trials, and then waiting patiently for Him to stop the bleeding. He'll pull you through because He loves you enough not to abandon you.  
Life is not meant to be easy, but you're meant to be tough. Your heart may be weak, but you are still strong. Let your smile be genuine and be filled with joy knowing that your struggles are temporary. They will be defeated as God has given you unlimited strength and power.    
Through your bleeding and aching, let God fill your body and spirit. Be faithful. Be full of life, and don't allow yourself to deteriorate. Truthfully you don't have to look depressed just because you feel depressed; but don't use your smile as a shield because your problems will still exist. It is merely a cover-up.                                                                                                              
Don't be afraid to speak to someone you feel can help you. There's always someone who has been through a similar situation that you're currently in. Ask for advice, assistance and support. There's no need to share your personal information with everyone, but there may be one or two people you know you can trust who can help you.  Speak with them.                              
Never forget, though: God is the ultimate Healer.                                                                                                                              
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