Overpowering Addiction

By Amanda Usher


We all have desires.

Some people have a shopping addiction while others fall victim to their flesh. Whether it's spending rent money on the latest iPhone or lusting after a physical attraction, the situation could be a rather tempting one. Indulging in certain desires can disrupt lives and cause chaos, so here's how to defeat them. 

Pray to be delivered. Pray for progress.  Pray that God sets you free from your temptation so that you may not falter to it ever again. Often times these desires turn into full-blown addictions. Ask Him to show you the root of your problem so that it can be resolved. Put it in His hands as you seek this deliverance. But once you pray, do your part as you strive and work hard to be stronger than your addiction. Catch yourself before you fall. For instance, if you have an alcohol addiction and you feel yourself getting an urge to drink, kneel down and pray right before you proceed to pour the rest of the alcohol down the sink. 

Transfer focus. Dropping your addiction can leave a void, so fill it with something better. There's always a way to fill emptiness.  If you're a person struggling with premarital sex, put your attention more on improving your relationship with God and less on your urge. It will bring you closer to Him and open doors for more blessings.  

Ask for help from others. Get a strong support team in place. Don't attempt to tackle your addiction alone. There are several support groups and programs that seek to promote recovery. Maybe the help that you need can be found right in your own family, or even church. God uses and places people in your life who can aid you through this process. 

Addictions can become a thing of your past. Allow God to lead you into an amazing future without it. Pray for improvement,  focus on better and seek assistance. Your deliverance shall arrive. Be prepared for freedom. 

**A list of treatment centers can be found at m.treatment.psychologytoday.com for those battling sexual, alcohol or substance addiction.**

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