Broken Yet Still Protected

By Amanda Usher


This post is based on an extremely sensitive subject and is not meant to be taken lightly. Please read with caution.  

Many men, women, boys and girls experience domestic violence. Unfortunately, it has become severely common as several people have been physically abused, emotionally shattered and mentally torn.

But what do you do when, in the midst of this, you become spiritually challenged? When you ask God to make it end as you beg for mercy? The answer is simple, trust Him and have faith. 

God sees your bruises and most certainly hears your cries. He sees you pleading for it to end, and He sees the rage in your abuser's face. One thing that you have to know is that God will not allow His children to suffer alone. Trust that He won't abandon you, and know that He will see you through your fight. He reigns and vows to protect His children. You may be going through a moment of torture, but God will soon give you a moment of triumph. It's in your trust in Him that you will find peace through the eye of your storm.  

Don't allow your faith to dwindle all because you may be feeling spiritually tested. Don't have a diminishing faith, but one that is filled with power and strength. Let your faith be mightier than the fist. Though you may have both internal and external scars, your faith shall remain intact and shall not be broken. Never let anyone or any situation stray you from your faith in God. 

Seek help from people in your own community. There’s always someone else who’s been in your position, and who can provide advice. Contact a family member, friend or fellow church member and ask for assistance. Remember to seek out those who genuinely want to help you. For information on resources in the community, see the note below.

After you get out, the most powerful thing you can do is to forgive and let go. Don’t give anyone control over your life, emotions and mind by harboring the pain and hurt that they caused you. Ask God to put it in you to forgive your abuser so that you can move on to something greater. You’ll feel better and will feel a weight being lifted. By holding in your pain for weeks, months and even years, you’re allowing it to hold you captive. Don’t.

There may be lots of people currently in a battered situation, but there are also lots of people who've gotten out of them and survived. Don't hope and don't wish for it to end. Pray. Trust. Believe. You may feel weak and fragile, but you're not. God created you to be someone spectacular. Dry your tears and get rid of your fear. Know that you are always protected and in God’s reach. This chapter of your life will come to an end, and you shall be victorious. Let God be your strength. Trust and have faith.

**This was written in recognition of October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. To anyone enduring this battle, know that you are being prayed for and that you are not alone. To receive help, you can contact the National Domestic Violence hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), or you can call the crisis line for the Georgia Coalition against Domestic Violence at 800-334-2836. The National Coalition against Domestic Violence provides a list of resources on their site, **

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