Finding Your Way

By Amanda Usher



Feeling lost is not a fun emotion to have. You have empty voids, misguided thoughts and uninterrupted feelings of wonder and curiosity. Not knowing which direction is right for you leaves you tossing and turning in your bed all night as you attempt to comprehend where God wants you to go. What is His will for you? Where is He taking your life? Prayer and silence are the keys to understanding.

Be honest and truthful in your prayers. It’s okay to tell God that you don’t know what it is that He wants you to do. Pray that He unveils the next few steps in your life. Ask Him to put people in your life who can help guide you toward success. Ask for Him to prepare you for where He’s about to lead you. There’s a purpose for your life. Your existence is not a mistake. Once you pray, believe and grow in your faith so that your requests are not made in vain.

After you pray and remain faithful, be silent and wait. Minimize how much you speak on your battle for everyone that hears you does not desire to help you. More importantly, the more you’re speaking to others, the less you can hear God speak to you. Be still and exercise patience in waiting for God to respond to your prayers.

You may be lost on your journey now, but God won’t let you be that way forever. Keep that in your mind as you attempt to find your way. Remember: what you don’t know, God does know. You may not know what your future looks like, but He does. He’ll get you there in His own time. 


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