How Do I Prepare for the Fight?

By Amanda Usher


Preparing for the battlefield can prove to be a difficult and an exhausting task. Some people may attempt to not let their internal and external wars consume them while others may believe that they’re weaker than their struggles. Understand that battles that may seem great to you are small to God. He has placed in you the right armor to win the fight. All you have to do is learn how to use it.

Though you may feel frail and fragile, don’t let it show. Don’t allow others to see in your face the sadness or the desperation for your challenge to come to a halt. Doing so will only give them room to prey on you during your weakest moment, which will further your problems. Unveil yourself to the Lord and be completely naked with Him, not man.

Realize that you have to stay true to yourself and genuine to your character throughout all of your hardships. After all, they can’t last forever. So why would you give them permission to enter into you and disrupt who you are causing you to lose yourself? “The devil knows if he pushes the right buttons, you’ll take yourself out of character and defeat yourself,” said Dr. Lisa Weah, senior pastor of New Bethlehem Baptist Church in Baltimore, MD. Don’t let the devil do that to you. Show him that your faith is stronger than he is.

Preparing yourself for a fight can be a teachable moment for yourself and others. It can reveal to you that you can handle a lot more than you thought that you could while also displaying to others how powerful your God is. Use your tongue to speak of God’s authority and control. Tell about all that He has brought you through. In doing this, you will not only serve as a testament to others, but also as a reminder to yourself. If He helped you through one fight, then surely He’s able to assist with another.

Let your faith guide you. Don’t let it waiver. Pray and believe that with great faith comes great victory. You’re not on the battlefield alone. Man may abandon you, but God never will. You may feel tortured, bruised and beaten down, but God will still have His hand on you. You’re still in His reach. Your fight is only a test, and it’s up to you to pass it. Show Him that you can handle whatever fight comes your way, and prove to Him that you are indeed “fit for the Master.”


**Inspired by Dr. Lisa Weah’s sermon on Sunday, September 28, 2014, titled “Fit for the Fight.” –Acts‬ ‭6‬ and 7**