A Faithful Reminder

By Amanda Usher


The word of the day: reminisce.

Often times we find it a difficult task to look back on a journey filled with unwanted memories, and in some cases, unknown knowledge. We attempt to bury certain events and people in the past with hopes that they’ll stay there not realizing that we’re not actually forgetting their existence, but rather running away from what we don’t desire to face.

Remembering our past is essential and key to walking away from the old and into a brand new future. Looking back on our struggles reminds us of the strength that Christ gave us to make it through those battles. In remembering that strength, we’ll unveil a whole new courage to move forward trusting that God will be our backbone.

Not only that, but reminiscing helps us to let go of the baggage that weighs us down. How do you expect to live a life of peace if you’re still feeling that broken heart from five years ago or find yourself dwelling on what could’ve been? There are times when we beat ourselves up thinking about our past actions, when in reality, we need to do three things: learn from our mistakes (or even the mistakes of others), let them go and move on. No sense in allowing these things to weigh us down and hinder us from achieving a bright future. If you see that it’s complicated to let go, and maybe you don’t know how, pray that God puts it in your heart to forgive both yourself and others. Pray that He provides your life with the proper tools to not repeat history. No one can get you over your past troubles like He can.

Maybe forgetting isn’t your problem. Maybe your issue is the fact that you don’t know your past at all. Researching your family history and your roots will assist you in learning about yourself. Knowing where you come from and the people that you derive from may help you understand why you possess particular personality traits. Asking family members about past generations could aid you in comprehending why it is that you’re stubborn and would rather learn things for yourself, or why it is that your heart is so naturally giving. When learning about your biological past, one thing to keep in mind is this, just because your origins may look a little dark and dreary does not mean that your present has to or that your future will.

Sometimes the only way to understanding your present is to look back on your past, and know that it does not define you. You have to let go of the hurt, the fear of redundancy and the regret in order to move into your destiny. The trick to doing that is to simply let Christ lead you, and to ask Him to place the proper resources and people into your life. Your past is not there to haunt you but to help you. “Go back so that you can go forward.”


**Inspired by Pastor Stephen Thurston’s Bible Study lesson on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014 titled “Going Back to Go Forward”**