Dr. E. Dewey Smith Went From Preaching on a Gravel Road Church to Preaching to the Governor of GA


This past Friday night Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. thought it not robbery to take ministry back to the back roads of Macon, GA his hometown. Dr. Dewey is the Pastor of one of Atlanta’s largest churches with a membership of over 15,000. He is one of the most well respected Pastors in Atlanta with a weekly attendance that includes from NFL Players, to celebrities and Gospel Artist.

The level of humility Dr. Dewey operates in is rarely seen after men and women of God have mounted some of the most prestigious pulpits in the nation. He has ministered at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois, Life Way Bookstore 20/20 Turn Around Churches ConferenceBishop T.D. Jakes Pastor’s and Leaders Conference, Mega Fest, the Potter’s House of Dallas, Hampton’s Ministers Conference among other well respected events.

Yet, Dr. Dewey is determined to stay balanced and centered in God on his quest to fulfill the plan of God for his life. On Friday night we saw Dr. Dewey humbly minister in a small church that seated 300 plus people. I asked Dr. Dewey at the level God has raised his ministry why didn’t he ask the inviting ministry to hold the event at the Macon Coliseum so no one was turned away. Dr. Dewey shared with me with tears in his eyes, “I use to sing in this church as a boy”“This was one of the first COGIC churches I attended!”“This church has been good to me and since the Founding Father passed they have struggled! I had to come and give back… it wasn’t about the venue; it was me remembering those that believed in me before I realized who God had called me to be.”

Macon Georgia 20

At one point in the service the Pastor stood up in tears and stated this church has been on life support and this is the first time it has been packed in years.

Dr. Dewey preached to the 300 in the same manner I watched him preach to the 7,000 at his 10 am Sunday Morning Service yesterday with his special surprise guest being the Governor of Georgia Nathan Deal. Governor Deal stated he and his wife Sandra just came to fellowship and to hear a word from the Lord.

Nathan Deal 027

We believe Dr. Dewey is one of the most well kept secrets in the Kingdom that God has decided to spring forth for this generation! He teaches the women to, “Act like a lady, but never lose yourself for a man”, His question to the men, “Are you ready for a tuneup”, his thought on saving our young children is, “It’s easier to grab them as boys and girls than it is as broken men and women” and his passion is saving the communities in order to save the world. Stay tuned…we see promotion from God coming…

See the tweets below from the Governor of Georgia to Dr. Dewey after attending Sunday service yesterday, Sept. 14, 2014:

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