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Dr. E. Dewey Smith Went From Preaching on a Gravel Road Church to Preaching to the Governor of GA

September 17, 2014

15 Sep, 2014 Crystal Smith  This past Friday night Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. thought it not robbery to take ministry back to the back roads of Macon, GA his hometown. Dr. Dewey is the Pastor of one of Atlanta’s largest churches with a membership of over 15,000. He is one of the most well respected Pastors in Atlanta with a weekly attendance that includes from NFL Players, to celebrities and Gospel Artist. The level of humility Dr. Dewey operates in is rarely seen after men and women of God have mounted some of the most prestigious pulpits in the nation. He has ministered at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois, Life Way Bookstore 20/20 Turn Around Churches Conference, Bishop T.D. Jakes Pastor’s and Leaders Conference,... Continue Reading →


August 20, 2014